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About the router

The ASUS AC5300 router uses ASUS Green network technology. This technology is used to save the power consumption. Some of the features of ASUS AC5300 are mentioned below:

For better results and network, you should always place your router at a proper position. Make sure you have placed your router according to the conditions mentioned below: To setup the router, you require following things for your computer: Steps to follow for setting up your router:

You can connect to the router by two methods. One is wired and another is wireless.

Note: It is recommended to use a wired connection to avoid any setup problem that might occur while the setup process.

Check the following things before starting up the router process for your ASUS wireless router:

Steps to follow to have a wired connection for the router setup:

After following these four steps, the setup process is complete. If you get any problem, check the connections of the wires. Steps to follow to have a wireless connection for the router setup:

You can also log into the web GUI by following some steps. ASUS router comes up with GUI (Graphical User Interface). GUI makes easy for the user to interact with the router and it is also easy to change the settings through GUI. In short, it is user-friendly.

Steps to follow: