Asus Router App helps the user to set up the Asus Router easily from the smartphone itself. Asus Router App is compatible with Android platform smartphones as well as from Apple iOS devices. Asus Router App is not compatible with the Windows platform Operating system.


Asus Router App is loaded with multiple features so that Users can manage Asus router settings easily both from the Home location as well as from Remote location. Asus App features are as follow :

  • NETWORK MAP: User can check the number of devices which are connected with Asus router wired or wirelessly.
  • GAME BOOST: Game boost feature can be activated from the Asus app itself so that the client can get better-optimized speed and bandwidth on Gaming devices.
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS: Parental control feature allows users to add or block a certain group of webpages as per user requirement.
  • FIRMWARE UPDATE: Asus router firmware can be easily updated by using the Asus Router App.
  • WIFI SHARING: Users can share wifi to guests or other users using the Wifi sharing option for a certain time duration.
  • NETWORK DIAGNOSTIC: Network diagnostic tool allows users to check and troubleshoot Network issues.
  • EASY SETUP: The client can setup Asus Router using the Asus router app easily, moreover the user can set up the Mesh network using the Asus router application.

NOTE: Asus router app is only available for smartphones, both Android and iOS compatible smartphones, In the case of Windows platform users can use Asus web-based setup URL redirects the user to Asus Router Login IP address